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Hydroplanes take to Lake Sammamish

If you live in Western Washington, you may find this story kind of fun. It’s about Tastin’ and Racin’, the annual event where hydroplanes race at 150 mph on Lake Sammamish. The wet weather prior to the event turned Lake Sammamish State Park into a swamp, and a local racer walked away with just scrapes and bruises after flipping his boat while going 115 mph. Check out the story on The Issaquah Press’ website here, or read it below! Enjoy!

Perfectly in accordance with gorgeous sunshine, speeding and thundering hydroplanes took to Lake Sammamish over the weekend at the 2010 Tastin’ n Racin’ competition, an American Powerboat Association event.

The event also showcased many other attractions, including a car show, rocking tribute bands on the O’Brien Law Firm Mainstage, the SeaFair Pirates, two beer gardens and — of course — plenty of food.

However, event organizer Chris Courtright said this year’s wet spring had turned Lake Sammamish State Park into a mud bath.

“I get down there on Wednesday and it’s one big mud puddle,” Courtright said, recalling visiting the park June 9. “We’ve never had the ground like that.”

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Goats return to landscape Issaquah Highlands

Check out this recent video for which I was the lead editor. Unfortunately, it actually costs money to host videos on this page, so I’m being economical and just linking to it instead. It’s about goats, and you should probably watch it. See it here. Enjoy!

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Off the press: Discover the cool benefits of hot yoga

After attending a four-week introductory hot yoga class, I wrote a column for The Issaquah Press about the experience. Read it below, or check it out on The Issaquah Press’ website here. This article was published in the June 9 edition. Enjoy!

Last fall, in the midst of myriad e-mails sent to me about people rescuing children from burning buildings and underground fight clubs involving senior citizens, I received a news tip from a yoga instructor from Terra Yoga on Front Street, the yoga studio formerly known as Issaquah Hot Yoga.

She wrote that members of the Liberty High School football team were incorporating hot yoga into their workout routine for the second year in a row.
Football players doing yoga? To a yoga outsider, it sounded like a fun story to cover, as I typically thought of football players pounding out reps in the weight room rather than striking poses in a yoga studio.

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