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Top 10 Scariest Movies

Well, it’s Halloween, and that can only mean one thing: Tis the season for scary movies! Being a movie fanatic, and one who loves scary movies, I couldn’t help but put make a list of the scariest movies ever made.

If you don’t like my list or you disagree with my choices … well, bummer. Make your own list.

10. Deliverance (R, 1972)

I haven’t traveled all that much, but this movie has made me realize that I should put Georgia on my states-never-to-go-to list.

The plot: Burt Reynolds plays the role of an adventurer who takes a few friends —including one played by John Voight — down Georgia’s Cahulawassee River on canoes. What they find is anything but friendly.

The verdict: This movie is a classic piece of American cinema.  It’s manly, touching (perhaps a little too much so at times) and it gives you every reason you’ll ever need to prefer staying inside to exploring the outdoors.

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